[18+] 萌獸星球 Kemochu Planet (R18/H365) - VER. Mega Hack Update VIP APK

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[18+] 萌獸星球 Kemochu Planet (R18/H365) - VER. Mega Hack Update VIP APK

[18+] 萌獸星球 Kemochu Planet (R18) (God Mode - Auto Win) MOD APK

[18+] 萌兽少女 (H365) - VER.

[18+] 萌獸星球 Kemochu Planet (R18) - VER.

[18+] Horney Journey (A Games) - VER. 2.181

Game Information

Platforms: Android 

Size: 100.3MB

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or later

[18+] Full Unlock Kemochu Planet [A Games/R18/H365] Mega Hack V Update VIP APK


1. Unlimited Skills

2. Full (Images/Videos) Unlocked

Unlock event album button for all characters
Unlock character 5-star cards
Unlock 8 Star Awakening Card
Unlock the collection book
Unlock CG event

Game Summary
Your spaceship made an emergency landing on a mysterious planet due to a faulty part,
but unexpectedly found that the planet is full of all kinds of super cute beast girls? !
A dog girl with fluffy ears, a goldfish girl with a slender fish tail, and an eagle girl with soft wings, this is heaven!
Pure, cute, sexy, squeamish, you can choose from all kinds of beast girls,
you are the only male on this planet, I believe you... know what to do?

Game Details
Super Passionate Love Story
The "Water of Life" you produce below is the delicacy coveted by all beast girls!
As soon as you smell the "water of life", no matter how pure and ignorant the beast girl is, she will immediately throw you in rut!
Are you ready to satisfy the thirst of beastgirls and shape them into your shape?

Stimulate the development of lewdness The
beast girls have become more lewd under the stimulation of your pheromones!
Come and collect their fragments, unlock all kinds of flirtatious appearances, and everything has no code and no light!
Come and dominate the planet and build your beastgirl harem!

How To Install:

1: Donate  
2: Get the apk file from paypal email 
3: Download Mod Apk
3: Install Mod Apk
5 Done Enjoy


Send me email here and i will give you the the info where u will send me the money and get the link to mod apk fille...

NOTE: price is 20$ 

send me money like gift or friends and family

i accept Donate in (Webmony + Wise + Payeer + Binance)


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