[18+] Full Unlock Casting Agent Mega Hack V 51 Update VIP APK

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[18+] Full Unlock Casting Agent Mega Hack V 51 Update VIP APK

[18+] Full Unlock Casting Agent Mega Hack V 51 Update VIP APK

[18+] Full Unlock Casting Agent Mega Hack V 51 Update VIP APK

Game Information

Platforms: Android 
Version: 51

Size: 12.3MB


Release Date: October 20, 2020

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or later

[18+] Full Unlock Casting Agent Mega Hack V 51 Update VIP APK


1. Unlimited Diamonds

2. Very short Lvlup time for (Action Clipboard and so on)
3. Lvl up multiple with 1 lvl up (Action Clipboard and so on)
4. Time mod for Money/everything what you girls need (massage/gifts and so on)
4.1. Money are collected everytime you lvl up or activate a new Timer
4.2. Girls/pic timer only change to another screen and back and its instant finish

About Casting Agent

Casting Agent is another entry in the tried-and-true visual novel genre, but if you’re expecting the usual hentai hijinks, think again. Yes, developer Hentai Sex Games Stars are playing in a familiar space for most anime porn aficionados, but their game is a very different bag from your average hentai VN. Instead of a long, branching narrative with moral choices and multiple endings, Casting Agent simplifies the genre and puts a clever, extra-horny twist on it with bite-sized morsels of juicy, delicious anime sex. Think of it as a dating sim with a dash of “dating,” a smidgen of “sim,” and a whole lot of  “reckless, fun, carefree sex”!

The set-up is simple. You’re a budding porn producer, and you want to cast the most gorgeous women that’ll give you the time of day. To do that, you’ll need to woo them, give them gifts, and (most importantly) actually get to know them. However, that last one is pretty expedited in Casting Agent, as the developers aren’t interested in making you pussyfoot around for a sext here and a lewd picture there – they want to get you right into the action. After all, there are over 400 unique pictures and animations to unlock here, which means you’ll get a lot of hentai faster than you’ll know what to do with!

The best part? With so much porn, Casting Agent manages to cater to numerous fetishes, kinks, and preferences across the entire game. Whether you’re into come-hither cops like Juliet and Molly (talk about effing the police!), delicious doctors and nurses like Katleen and Natalie, or raunchy rebels like rocker Lady Anna or inmate Princesa, this game’s got a type for you! And because variety is the spice of life, Casting Agent also has porn for just about everyone. Intense internal shots, yummy yuri action, gargantuan gapes, and so, so much more await. We were big fans of Sweetie Pie, a kinky and flexible yoga babe that loves to be tied up while she stretches each and every muscle.

(Yes, even those ones. Let’s just say she’s been doing her Kegels!)

See, Casting Agent succeeds where so many dating sims fail. Yes, there’s the whole “you’re producing porn” framing of it all, but it’s ultimately a game that captures the fun and freedom of enthusiastic open relationships instead of pigeonholing you into just one route. Sometimes, you don’t want to play an eight-hour dating sim just so you can get a few sex scenes with one or two girls. Sometimes, you just want to chat up a baseball player so you can hang out and help her work on her “swing.” And, y’know, maybe help fit her bat inside of her on camera. Just casual stuff! Point being, Casting Agent understands that sometimes, you just want to get straight to the good stuff with as many partners as your heart (and libido!) desires.

If you’ve bounced off other dating sims before, then, Casting Agent is a great pick for the impatient hentai fan. It’s free, there’s a metric ton of spicy sex, and you’ll get your pick of over 30 luscious ladies across the entire game. So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner polyamorist and give this one a shot!

Casting Agent is available now on mobile and PC.

How To Install:

1: Donate me 
2: Get the apk file from paypal email 
3: Download Mod Apk
3: Install Mod Apk
5 Done Enjoy


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