[18+] Full Unlock Slutty Journey [Erogames/R18/H365/Nutaku/DMM] Mega Hack V 2.86 Update VIP APK

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[18+] Full Unlock Slutty Journey [Erogames/R18/H365/Nutaku/DMM] Mega Hack V 2.86 Update VIP APK

[18+] Full Unlock Slutty Journey [Erogames/R18/H365] Mega Hack V 2.021 Update VIP APK

[18+] Full Unlock Slutty Journey [Erogames/R18/H365/Nutaku/DMM] Mega Hack V 2.85 Update VIP APK

[18+] 艷遊記 (R18) - VER. 2.85

[18+] 艷遊記 (H365) - VER. 2.90

[18+] Slutty Journey EN (H365) - VER. 2.83

[18+] Slutty Journey (Erogames) - VER. 2.86

[18+] Slutty Journey (Nutaku) - VER. 2.82

Game Information

Platforms: Android 
Version: 2.86

Size: 100.3MB

Release Date: 01 Feb 2021

System Requirements

Android 4.0 or later

[18+] Full Unlock Slutty Journey [Erogames/R18/H365] Mega Hack V 2.86 Update VIP APK


1. Unlimited Skills

2. Full (Images/Videos) Unlocked

Unlock event album button for all characters
Unlock character 5-star cards
Unlock 8 Star Awakening Card
Unlock the collection book
Unlock CG event

About Slutty Journey

In a place where no males exist, how can a lustful maiden survive? Can a human help her to reach the Heaven of Cocks? Experience a world full of erotic demons and Goddesses, as you go on a hot adventure with women who are full of sexual desire in Slutty Journey.

Story and presentation
In this game, you will play a human who has got lost and reached the Lost Border, where he meets the maidens who have been arrested and sent into exile.

One of the maidens is Sun Wukong. She is lascivious, and she oppressed male semen, which undermined the rules of heaven and the human world. That is the reason why she got sent to the Lost Border.

Lost Border is a place where there are no men. If there is no semen to oppress, the maidens will slowly lose their power and die.

But since a human has arrived in Lost Border, they will use that man to pass through the Gate to Human World. And to win the fight, they will summon other Evil Maidens first to prepare for the Celestial Troops. These troops guard the way to the gate to the Human World. And this is where the journey starts.

Gameplay and objectives
Your goal is to summon and upgrade maidens who will help you succeed in all the battles and to move on to the next level in order to finish the game. On the Hentai side, your aim is to unlock Goddesses and Evil Maiden.

The Stage Section is composed of Normal and Hard Mode. Normal Mode and Hard Mode both have 5 Chapters. In Normal Mode, Each Chapter contains 10 Levels while in Hard Mode each Chapter contains 4 Levels.

The way the maidens are illustrated is very sensual, with and without their clothes on. If you get tired of battling, you can have some fun with some Hentai Scenes. You can either check the Album Icon or the Maiden Icon and click on Peek Icon to view the maiden with fewer clothes on. Or you can also click on the Play Room Icon, where you can have some sexual activity with beautiful and gorgeous Goddesses. In the Play Room, you can seduce the Goddesses using sex toys to increase Loyalty Exp. You can also give them gifts in order to increase Skill Points, which you can then use to upgrade the attack and defense. Other than that, there is also a Section in the Play Room where you can unlock and watch sexually arousing videos that will make you feel even hornier.

Technical points
Graphics and animation
The game is in 2D. The graphics and animation are both excellent. The pacing is smooth and the effects are perfect. The way they portray every character as well as the sexual acts is very realistic and detailed. You will feel very excited and stimulated. The battle part is great as well.

Music and sound
The music and sound effects are engaging and suit the game well. They add more pleasure and sensuality to the game.

Difficulty and duration
Playing the game is straightforward and the difficulty level is just right.

To go into battles, you need to first check the element that you require and set up your team accordingly. There are four elements; Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. Before the battle, you need to select an ally to join your team in the fight. Since each character possesses different skills, you need to check each of them to form a strong unit. Although you can always change your team set-up at anytime. Since the number and the strength of monsters differ between the different stages, there will be a limit to the number of times you can challenge in some stages. There are 3 Special Missions for each stage. Every special mission will give you a star that will grant you additional rewards.

Aside from determining the elements, you also need to enhance Combat Power. There are four ways to upgrade your character; Bond, Advance, Level Up and Evolve. Advancements will increase the character's measurements. Each advancement must reach a specified level to advance. For your player to advance, you need to gather specific materials, as well as a specified amount of gold coins. And to Evolve, Evil Maidens can use Evil fragments, which increase the Star Level. Star Level influences Evil Maiden's skill level. Evil Fragments can be obtained through summoning, Events, or by completing missions. As the Evil Maiden's skill level increases, the skill becomes more powerful.

Slutty Journey is a cool turn-based game with an exquisite mixture of Hentai Scenes. With its arousing images and videos, as well as exceptional graphics and effects, this game is a Hentai Game to look forward to.

How To Install:

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2: Get the apk file from paypal email 
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5 Done Enjoy


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